Not a History Buff

I have a confession to make: I am not good at history. (Unlike everyone else, it seems.)

If it’s presented in the form of a story, sure. I love stories and usually I can remember what’s going on. But no matter how hard I try I just can’t remember dates and names and places. I especially can’t remember all three combined.

However, I will soon be traveling to Europe and China, and I would like to be able to speak somewhat intelligently about their history. School tried multiple times to teach me European history, they really did. I can barely remember one Henry, let alone eight. And I’m pretty sure China’s history got one semester in school, once.

It doesn’t help that I’m as bad at geography as I am at history.

How about you? Able to remember important happenings in time, or ambivalent about the past?


5 thoughts on “Not a History Buff

  1. I am jealous of your travels. I teach history and geography and have a master’s degree. Never did I learn as much about the topics as I did when traveling to actually see, hear, and smell these places for myself. Of course, reading some books did help tie some loose ends together and a working background knowledge did help me, but it made it more relevant. I guess teaching it every day does help too šŸ˜‰
    Safe travels, and have fun learning!

  2. That second died should by divorced again, so Divorced Beheaded Died Divorced Beheaded Survived šŸ™‚ I’m sure someone will think of a rhyme..

  3. Here’s a rhyme that always helps me remember Henry VIII’s wives: Divorced (Katherine of Argon), Beheaded (Anne Bolyen), Died (Jane Seymore), Died (Anne of Cleves), Beheaded (Catherine Howard), Survived (Catherine Parr).

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