Oil Cleansing Keeps Me From Picking

About half a year ago, I started washing my face with oil. And I can’t get enough of it.

To read more about the whys and hows, check out these resources:

The jist is that you wash your face with oil, because oil dissolves oil and the blackheads just pop right out. This has been one of my best friends in the “stop-picking-my-face” struggle.

Granted, it’s not always the quicker option. I can pick my face for a hour without blinking (sometimes literally) and I sure can oil cleanse for an hour, too. (You don’t have to go this long; in maintenance phase you can get away with a few minutes.) But, two things:

  1. Oil cleansing is actually helping my face heal
  2. Eventually my fingers get tired from massaging and I have to stop. Picking can just go on and on.

Here is why it is a good substitute for picking. I’ve tried lots of other things: covering the mirror, popping bubble wrap, a positive-thoughts notebook (never could get into that). But the feeling of needing to pick was still there. And I usually “day-picked” picked much worse the next day if I didn’t get my fix at night.

But with oil cleansing, if I massage long enough, I start to feel the little blackheads coming out (feels like grit). I am convinced I have a blackhead for every pore on my face, because even after an hour they were still coming out. It’s (sorry) a satisfying feeling that gives me the same satisfaction that picking did, but without destroying my pores. Yay!

I control my picking and anxiety with my diet, so there are nights when I don’t feel like picking. (!!) I use Primal Life Organics face wash for those nights and am done pretty quickly. But when life has gotten really difficult or my diet has been lax, and I start feeling my fingers drawn to my face and my face drawn to the mirror, I reach for my oils and cleanse.


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