My Last Day at the Gym

Today is my last day at the gym.

I signed up for a gym in Jan 2012. I was clueless about the machines and weights and working out, but I wanted to gain some semblance of strength. I had no muscle. I was infamous for being weak and unathletic. Not that my friends were athletic, either, but I got winded carrying groceries.

Because I was clueless, I signed up for the personal training services. My trainer is amazing, and I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere without her. I started with nothing and now I have traps. Traps! And I can see my quads! I can back squat and leg press my body weight. I know how to deadlift. Still working on a pull up and a bench press, though. Upper body strength is pretty elusive for this petite hardgainer . . .

But what I struggled to gain in muscle, I easily gained in confidence.

Shortly after I started lifting, I started Primal/ Paleo. I read about the damage that lifting with machines can do. I learned that you can get pretty fit with just bodyweight exercises. (Speaking of: yoga will make you hurt.) Now, I want to try and get fit using natural movements during sports/play and bodyweight workouts.

(I suck at sports. My poor boyfriend is trying to teach me. I like to think I’m learning quickly.)

Now, I still like lifting weights. It’s fun and challenging. I would love to return to free weights when I’ve gained more strength and flexibility. And when I’m in Poland during winter, forget outdoor fitness. I’ll go back to a gym to avoid the snow and the cold.

But I think I’d like to see where I can get looking at the world as my gym, instead of going about it the normal way.

Any good tips for getting fit outside the gym?


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