Everything In Moderation – Ugh

Can we talk about “everything in moderation”? Specifically how I’ve come to really dislike this phrase.

When I tell people that I don’t eat grains or sugar, a common response is, “I believe in everything in moderation.”

I  could be obnoxious and say something like, “Heroine is bad for you in moderation!” But that’s not what that phrase really means. What “everything in moderation” really means is, “I would like to keep eating pasta and cake.”

So, that’s fine. But if I eat pasta and dessert (in moderation, of course), here’s a list of other things I have to deal with:

  • Acne (in moderation)
  • Digestive upset (in moderation)
  • Mood swings (in moderation)
  • Allergies (in moderation)
  • Sinus infections (all the time, there’s no moderating those things)
  • Energy crashes (in moderation. Daily is moderation, right?)
  • Feeling gross (in moderation)
  • Medicine (in moderation)

And so on.

Everything in moderation? No, thank you. My health is not going to be “in moderation”, it’s going to be so much more.

What do you think “everything in moderation” means?


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