Feeling Feisty

Lately I’ve been craving all sorts of food that are off limits for fructose malabsorbtion.

I’d like to think that means my body is telling me those foods will be safe to eat and that my innards can handle them. But more likely the case is that I’m going through a rebellious phase.

I haven’t eaten any apples in about six months now. Apples are one of the worse foods for FructMals, because they contain fructose and sorbitol (which is also poorly digested). So pretty much they’re like a double “can’t eat that”.

But maaaaaaan do I want one. I see a cool recipe with apple in it and I think, how bad can that apple really be?

I keep trying to introduce onions (also a major problem food) and have even tried them fermented. No go. Fine. I give up on onions. But I haven’t learned my lesson with apples yet.

I know that eating an apple will ultimately annoy me for at least three days (physical annoyance, yes, but also knowing that I was the one who initiated all the physical annoyance by being rebellious). It would be like if the Queen in Snow White came up to me with a poison apple, told me it was poison, and I ate it anyway because screw consequences!

Curse you, fruit. I am determined that one day I will enjoy you again *shakes fist*.



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