Washing My Face Less Without Dying

I’m trying to wash my face less. This thought kind of scares me a lot.

But I haven’t washed my face in two whole nights . . . and you guys the world hasn’t ended.

My face has kept on reacting to what I eat, but hasn’t gotten worse from not washing it. Actually right now it looks pretty good, since the washing hasn’t aggravated the redness from picking (this takes soooooooo looooong to heal and will return in full force with just a single touch). This is proving to me just how powerful the internal influences on my skin are.

I used to wash my face twice a day, and moisturize twice a day, and put on my medicines or my over-the-counters twice a day. You know, because dirty pores cause acne.

Well, I sure had the cleanest, most chemical-blasted pores around, and the acne wasn’t going anywhere.

So about six months ago I switched to only washing my face at night, mostly because I was trying to make my face products last longer and have more time in the morning (for sleep). I was kind of apprehensive, but I figured that I was still washing the dirt from the day away. Usually skipping a nightly wash meant that the next day, my face would be “gritty” and congested – from all the dirt, I figured.

But recently I have gotten really, really into oil cleansing, and that will take care of all the grittiness and congestion. At first the congestion would come back, but now I’m finding that I’ve gotten pretty good at removing it and it doesn’t quite build up the way it used to.

Plus, washing my face at night leaves me open to picking. It’s going to take a very, very long time to disassociate the two. I might not ever be able to wash my face at night again.

I think I’m going to move to oil cleansing once the grittiness starts showing up. I don’t pick when I oil cleanse because I still feel like I’m removing the bad stuff, and that relaxes me. Hopefully the grit will build up less and less and as time goes on, I’ll be able to do that infrequently as well.

I’m still apprehensive something could change tomorrow but right now, I’m enjoying the relief of no more washing.


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