My Face in a Foreign Country

Here I am in Köln, Germany, the first of three cities for my GlobalMBA studies. I’ve been here since October 2nd, so about a month.

Obviously, my main concern is my dietary restrictions. Gluten free and fructose/fructan free isn’t easy to maintain outside of a) your kitchen and b) your native language. But here are some things I’ve noticed:

-I tolerate European cheese very well
-I tolerate milk chocolate better than dark chocolate
-But I don’t tolerate sugar very well (things were going so well I thought maybe something had changed. Nope. And I have the mental breakdown in Switzerland to prove it . . . )
-It’s all about the cold cuts

I’ve actually been pretty successful at avoiding most of my problem foods, and even the foods that are a problem don’t seem to be affecting me as badly. Funny how, when you stop focusing on something, the pieces kind of fall into place.

On a completely different note; my carnivorous diet the month before I left yielded amazing results: a painless, PMS-free period. I don’t expect that will be the same this time around. If I go back to having pain, then I know that carnivorous is the way to go, at least for now. Carnivorous + cheese. The quality here really is amazing.

Next experiment: Washing my face less. I think it can handle it, considering how well it’s been doing so far. No blackheads (!!), just sugar-sleep-stress related bumps. I shall keep you posted.


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