21 Day Sugar Detox

Update! Boyfriend proposed and I said yes. 🙂 Wedding planning is, for someone who likes planning things like me, quite a nice stress relief break from studying.

So the past couple months have not been good food-wise. I ate some stuff I definitely shouldn’t have over Christmas break when I visited home, built on eating way too much sugar all through the month of December, and boy did I feel it. I won’t say I undid all the hard work I’ve put in the months before I left, but I was definitely feeling the blood sugar disregulation, the PMS , the acne , my energy absolutely tanked . . . sigh.

So I decided to reset with a 21 Day Sugar Detox. This is a program offered by Diane Sanfilippo of BalancedBites.com. I bought the book and the cookbook (and took the cookbook back with me to Germany). So far I’m on Day 12 and I feel fantastic again. It’s nice to have that feeling back. I had really forgotten what it was like to feel bad, but once I got there I wanted out, fast. It took about a week to start really feeling it, but my energy has been fantastic. The only thing weighing me down has been stress from school – we’re entering “everything due and all the exams in two weeks.” But I’ve been making time to plan and cook and am guarding quite jealously my 8 hours of sleep a night. Except last night – deadline before presenting my group’s thesis proposal.

But other than that, the Detox is going well. I was worried because last time I had a major thesis deadline I went crazy on some corn puffs and chocolate and dried fruits. This time, I’ve been pretty hungry too (studying requires lots of energy!) but am filling up on steak, salads, hard cheeses, veggies, and my daily fruit. It’s been great and I’m so glad I’m doing this. The stress is triggering my acne, but my mood has been great and I don’t feel the stress dragging me down and, more importantly, I’ve not really felt the urge to pick. Looking forward to the second half of the Detox! Which I will finish just in time to go on a Mediterranean cruise with my best travel buddy.

By the way, it helps to have a great thesis group – which I do.

Below: an Advent Calendar my friend prepared for me, filled with chocolate and school supplies. 🙂


Helloooo, chocolate.


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