Blogging is Intimidating

Blogging is intimidating. I have thoughts and things that I want to write down, but then I end up thinking, “Oh that’s too mundane, it’s not important enough to write down”. But writing down my thoughts, even the mundane ones, helps me process them and get them off my mind for a while. Or it helps clarify things. So, I definitely need to share some thoughts I’ve been having, and progress I’ve been making, and other things . . . if nothing else, so I have something to look back on and remember what I was thinking.


(If it’s anything like going back and reading old diary entries, it will probably be mortifying. Fun!)


2 thoughts on “Blogging is Intimidating

  1. I have the same exact thoughts! I actually have both a public and a private blog. The private one gets a lot of the mundane, knee-jerk reaction stuff, or the super personal stuff, but it also helps me begin to develop ideas to share on my public blog. The more I write, the more things become clear, so I definitely feel you. Maybe writing stuff down but not immediately sharing might help?

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