My Acne Story

My name is Sunny.

Why should you hear what I have to say?

1. In three months I went from this:

before 2before 1

To this (controlling with food):

after 2after 1

2. I picked my skin every single night, and consistently during the day, for fifteen years. In three months, I’ve brought the compulsion under control with food.

Now, as an acne sufferer, I know what you’re probably thinking:

  • What’s her secret? What’s the one thing she changed in her routine?
  • I hope she doesn’t say “change your food”, because that’s not easy and I know I should, but I could never give up bread/meat/sugar/dairy/other food group people commonly eliminate.

Well, I am going to be your Tough-Love Fairy Godmother. I know you want the one thing that will change everything. That’s what I wanted, too. I know that you want the one thing to change that isn’t going to inconvenience you. That’s why people undergo Accutane, despite the risks and potential damage to your body. You can still eat donuts on Accutane.

But I know you know, just as I knew, that it would come down to food. I’m sorry. We’ve all read the websites that tell us to eat more fruits/veggies and drink more water. So you probably tried to add in more apples, switch to whole grains, carry around a water bottle. And that was probably a half-ass attempt (mine was).

But your acne didn’t get better, didn’t it? And if you pick, that CERTAINLY didn’t get better.

Well, here’s the secret, the one thing you change: You change everything.

Sleep 7-8 hours a day. Actively reduce stress. Eliminate grains and sugar. Eat a whole food diet (I recommend Paleo). And if you pick, or have anxiety, and your acne doesn’t go away: you will have to go the extra step and eliminate something else; fructose/ fructans, FODMAPS, eggs, nuts, dairy, some other food group, or some combination of the above.

There’s no cream, no pill; what you put on your face matters matters, but it pales in comparison to the influence of what you eat.

I’m not here to convince you. If you thought, “I could never do that”, then the emotional pain of having tried everything to no avail has not yet overcome your (natural) aversion to change. You are not ready.

Sorry. Tough Love.

But you have control over you, you have control over your acne, and you have control over your anxiety. I got control, and so can you. If you’re ready, you will find your clear skin. Hopefully some information here will inspire you.

Best wishes,



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